(We support Sustainable Development Goals)
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The SPSC acronym has two meanings

  • Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Collaborators
  • Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain

SPSC Ambassadors are Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Collaborators who play an important role to support Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain

We all buy/procure products and services for ourselves, our families, our homes, and may be our organizations. So we all can deliver a long-lasting impact on the global supply chain by

  • Avoiding or reducing the purchase of non-sustainable products & services
  • Purchasing sustainable products instead of non-sustainable products
  • Using products and services sensibly
  • Exploring repair, refurbish, reuse, reprocess & repurpose options to extend product life
  • Trying to resale products, instead of disposal as waste
  • Promoting recovery, recycling & upcycling
  • Composting or disposing of products responsibly
  • Promoting rental & hire, instead of buying, if we will hardly use the product
  • Sharing products and service, so lesser natural resources are used
  • Promoting sustainable products and services
  • Engaging with businesses to be more sustainable
  • Motivating individuals & organisations to support & Pledge to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The SPSC Ambassador Certificates are issued against the following pledges:

  1. Support Sustainability
  2. Support United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Support United Nations Principles
  4. Support International Labour Organisation Principles
  5. Comply with Data Protection Laws
  6. Comply with National & International Rules, Regulation & Legislations
  7. Oppose to Discrimination, Bribery & Corruption
  8. Believe in Diversity & Inclusion
  9. Maintain ethical conduct in your personal & professional life

After application, the judgment to grant ambassadorship is taken by any 3 SPSC ambassadors. We decide SPSC Ambassadorship level based on your commitment, knowledge, and experience. 

The applicant should be visible in the public domain. This can be Facebook, LinkedIn, website, etc. This helps us verify identity as well as review applications.

Once your application is approved, we email you the following documents:

  • Unique QR code for your webpage
  • PDF copy of your double-verifiable certificate
  • PNG copy of your double-verifiable certificate

Yes. All appreciation & recognition documents stay double verifiable during the validity period. Verification can be done as follow:

  1. Website Verification – Enter your unique certificate number on the verification link Old documents are verifiable on the link –
  2. Mobile Camera Verification – This is instant. Secondly, you do not have to remember, copy or enter the verification code. Just point your mobile phone camera toward the QR code, and it will directly take you to the verification results page. Most smartphones have a QR code reader, so there is no issue. If your phone does not have a QR code reader, then you can either install it or use your colleagues/family member’s phone & verify it instantly.

Yes. All appreciation & recognition documents are allowed to be shared. Your unique ambassador verification webpage link can be directly shared from our website to the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pintrest
  • Twitter
  • Xing
  • Email
  • Reditt
  • Sena Weibo
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • VK

Yes. All appreciation & recognition documents are also in pdf & png file format. They stay downloadable for one month from the date of issue.

We have a simple 3 step approach:

  1. Engage – by issuing a verifiable SPSC Ambassadorship certificate
  2. Motivate / Guide / Appreciate
  3. Recognise – by issuing a verifiable badge, medal, cup, trophy, shield, crown, etc.

It is operated by SPSC Ambassadors, and for SPSC Ambassadors.

A perfect organization does not need to improve. We will never consider ourselves perfect, as we wish to improve today, tomorrow as well as after 10 years.

Please consider this as your initiative, so feel free to suggest, advice as well as criticize. Your valuable feedback us shape the future of the SPSC Ambassador initiative.

We try to be servant leaders. Our leaders should aim at serving their team members. A servant leader shares power puts the needs of the employees first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. Instead of the people working to serve the leader, the leader exists to serve the people.

It is a FREE ambassadorship/membership for individuals, charities, social enterprises, communities and government bodies. So no financial commitment, confirmation or contribution is expected from individuals, charities, social enterprises, communities and government bodies.

It is also FREE to organizations registered in The Least Developed Countries. The Least Developed Countries are defined in United Nations website link – For other organizations, the annual fees range from £9 to £999. The ambassadorship/membership fees depends on the size of the organizations.

There is no time commitment, confirmation or contribution expected from any ambassador. Above statement applies to all our regular service being offered to all individual ambassadors. This includes all certificates, medals, badges, cups, shields, etc being issued to our individual ambassadors in our routine process.

If any special sevice request is received from anyone then we expect you to donate either time or money. In such case, we prefer your donation in form of time. However, if you are busy then you are free to provide financial donation.

The functional ambassadorship certificate is decided during your application review. You will ONLY receive the 2nd second certificate, if our jury finds enough information on your social media profiles. Our jury is not capable of spending more than 20 min on review, so neither we are perfect nor 100% capable.

If our jury has not granted your functional ambassadorship then you can make a special request of review. This means SPSC team has to dedicate extra time, system & resources as below:
1. Expert’s time to review your application
2. Manage confidentiality & follow the process
3. Approve & email you certificate
4. Maintain QR code verifiability of your certificate during validity period
5. Maintain certificate number verifiability on
6. Maintain your dedicated webpage related to this certificate
7. Keep your dedicated webpage shareable on 12 social media platforms
8. Store your record & information in our system
9. Reply to any external query regarding validity of your certificate

So to entertain any individual special request, means
1. 20-30 min of SPSC time to process
2. Financial cost to maintain your record, information, verifiability, etc

We do not charge money for certificates & medals, however we are not capable to entertain special requests without your donation in terms of time or money.

Functional Ambassador Form link –

The directory is meant to provide additional visibility of SPSC Ambassadors’ skills, knowledge and intention to serve the world. This is visible to everyone without any password access. This will help the outside world to contact you directly for paid services/products, which you can provide to them. SPSC Ambassadors have a right to provide free service to others if they wish.

It is totally free for SPSC Ambassadors.

For individual/organization, who are not the SPSC Ambassador, and does not wish to be the SPSC Ambassador, there is a cost of £99 per year for the application to be reviewed. If your application is denied for some reason then we will refund your payment in full.


Once approved, following items will appear in our directory:

  • Your full name
  • Your country
  • Your category
  • Your email id
  • Your LinkedIn profile link (if you have provided)
  • Your Facebook profile link (if you have provided)

The directory web link is

  • FREE Individual SPSC Ambassador Certificates to professionals, students & children
  • FREE organizations SPSC Ambassador Certificates to Charities, Communities, Social Enterprises & Government Bodies
  • FREE organizations SPSC Ambassador Certificates to organizations registered in The Least Developed Countries  
  • Paid organizations SPSC Ambassador Certificates to businesses, cooperatives, academies, schools, colleges, universities & institutes
  • Functional Ambassador Certificates to individuals as well as organizations.
  • SPSC Directory Listing
  • Provides genuine sustainability identity by adding the SPSC Ambassador logo on their CV, LinkedIn Profile, Glassdoor Profile, etc.
  • Gain sustainability experience through sustainability projects, which can be added on your CV and/or LinkedIn profile.
  • Gain a verifiable sustainability experience certificate through sustainability projects, which can be added on your CV and/or LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn sustainability skills earned through sustainability projects, which can be added on your CV and/or LinkedIn profile.
  • May get endorsed and recommended by your SPSC ambassador colleagues personally or through LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Opportunity to learn from and network with other sustainability experts.
  • Develop coaching skills by mentoring other sustainability enthusiasts or students. This is to support UN SDG Goal 4 Target 4.7
  • Build sustainability credentials by associating with UN SDG by supporting UN SDG Goal 12 Target 12.6 by promoting sustainability assessment and/or reporting.
  • FREE Opportunity to get recognized through awards & accolades like a badge, medal, cup, trophy, shield, crown, etc. For non-SPSC Ambassadors, this cost from £9 to £99+.
  • FREE advertisement/listing of SPSC ambassadors in our directory ( ) for SPSC Ambassadors. This cost from £9 to £99+ for non-SPSC Ambassadors.
  • FREE advertisement/listing of SPSC Ambassadors in 1 Sustainable Directory website –, if your profession is related to sustainability. For non-SPSC Ambassadors, the cost is from £9 to £99+ per year.
  • FREE advertisement/listing of organizations in 1 Planet Only Directory website –, if your organization publicly supports sustainability. For non-SPSC Ambassadors, the cost is from £9 to £99+ per year.
  • FREE online sustainability workshop & webinar participation to either share knowledge or gain knowledge. For non-SPSC Ambassadors, the cost is £99+ per person.
  • FREE participation in our Monthly Sustainability Conference
  • FREE participation in our Monthly Sustainability Quiz

The answer is NO. We do not list only a few people/organizations as perfectly sustainable, as we prefer millions of peoplorganizationsns to support sustainability imperfectly.

This is similar to the statement – “We believe that we cannot make this world waste free by efforts of a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people trying to do zero waste imperfectly.”

Following are some of the links to our engagement & recognition initiatives:

  • Individual SPSC Ambassador
  • Organisational SPSC Ambassador
  • Functional SPSC Ambassador
  • Couple Medal
  • Family Medal
  • SPSC Directory
  • Recognition Badge
  • Recognition Medal
  • Recognition Cup
  • Recognition Trophy
  • Recognition Shield
  • Recognition Crown

We define a child as a person under the age of 16. Parent or teacher need to apply on behalf of the child. The email id, in our record, will be of parent or teacher. 

For our workshops, conferences, quizs & webinars, parents/teachers should supervise children’s participation. 
For children, we have two categories:
1. Cub – Child under the age of 10.
2. Star – 10+ till the child is 16 year old.

NO. The SPSC Ambassadorship does not guarantee any financial or non-financial rewards, benefits and/or compensation.