SPSC ambassadors make a pro-bono community to enhance sustainability through UN principles and UN SDG Target integration.

SPSC Ambassadors are Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Collaborators, who supports & promotes Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain.

SPSC acronym has two meanings

  • Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Collaborators
  • Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain


Our purpose is to support acceleration of the world’s transition to sustainability.


Purpose Actions

Our purpose actions are meant to deliver social impact.

  • Create sustainability awareness of trainings, coaching, workshops, e-learning,   conferences, webinar, seminars, award ceremonies, projects, collaborative competitions, community activities, improvement challenges, etc.
  • Engage and recognise individuals and organisations to promote capacity building through sustainability education.
  • Collaborate with customers, suppliers, government organizations, not-for-profit organizations, NGOs, co-operatives and educational institutes.
  • Collaborate with competitors to promote sustainability education solutions.
  • Compete to set new benchmarks by enhancing, developing and innovating our core business of sustainability education certification.

Our Purpose Alignment

We admire following global organisations, and so we align our purposeful actions with their principles:

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – UN SDGs
  • UN Environment Programme
  • United Nations Human Rights Council
  • International Labour Organisation – ILO
  • International Standards Organisation – ISO
  • United Nations University
  • World Intellectual Property Organisation – WIPO
  • Inclusive Capitalism
  • SME Climate Hub
  • Learning for Sustainability SCOTLAND

Purpose Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals