There is no time and no financial commitment, confirmation or contribution expected from any children. So it has been absolutely free from the year of incorporation i.e. 2021.

SPSC Ambassadorship applications are reviewed by a jury of SPSC Ambassadors, who offer voluntary service.

Our normal service is totally FREE, and it takes 10 to 15 days to review, process & communicate the application outcome. We also offer Express Service to process application in 24 hours. The Express Service is delivered after a small donation of £9.

SPSC has never used email id for marketing. This applies to even SPSC activities, events, conferences, etc.

You can find out about our activities on

  1. Our Websites
  2. LinkedIn pages & groups.
  3. Facebook pages & groups.
  4.  Instagram pages
  5. WhatsApp Announcement
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We have not used/sold any SPSC Ambassador email id to finance our operations. We wish to continue with this philosophy. It is difficult to predict future scenario which are uncertain, complex, dynamic & volatile. So our wish should not be taken as our promise.

  1. FREE genuine sustainability identity through the ambassadorship certificate with an unique ambassadorship number and QR code, which is easily verifiable by anyone. There will be a dedicated page on our website for your ambassadorship. Similar membership & certificates costs up to £999. Secondly, such membership & certificates may not be from the UK based organization. Thirdly, such certificates are not easily & freely verifiable to public.
  2. Opportunity to get FREE recognition through awards & accolades like badge, medal, cup, trophy, shield, crown, etc. This cost from £9 to £99 to non-SPSC Ambassadors or sponsoers.
  3. Provides genuine sustainability identity through the ambassadorship certificate with ambassadorship number and QR code, which is easily verifiable by anyone.
  4. Gain sustainability experience through sustainability projects & activities.
  5. Gain verifiable sustainability experience certificate through sustainability projects.
  6. Learn sustainability skills earned through sustainability projects, which can be added on your CV and/or LinkedIn profile.
  7. FREE online sustainability workshop & webinar participation to either share knowledge or gain knowledge. For non-SPSC Ambassadors, the cost is £99+ per person.
  8. FREE participation in our Monthly Sustainability Conference
  9. FREE participation in our Monthly Sustainability Quiz

Academic Sustainability Ambassadorship Application Form

  • Please only provide information, which is available in public domain, and not a secret. We consider publicly viewable social media profile information as your public information.
  • You will only be able to submit form, if you agree with all the necessary ambassadorship expectations and terms & conditions.
  • We expect you to provide minimum one weblink of your social media profile on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. Without reviewing your social media public profile, we will not be able to process your valuable application.
  • We expect you to have at least 5 connections on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. Your connections can be your friends, family members or professionals.
Thank you for submitting request to be our assessor/auditor. You should receive auto acknowledgement email in next few minutes.
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