Non-Profit Organization’s support to society & sustainability is enormous. You can be in any of following categories to be The Sustainability Ambassador in a community category:
1. Registered Community Interest Companies
2. Registered Community Centres
3. Registered or Organized Associations
4. Registered or Organized Voluntary Groups
5. Registered or Organized Community Clubs (non-commercial)

We respect all religions; and we have no objections against any religion. However, this platform is not for promoting or supporting any religion. So we may not be the right fit for religious organizations.

The Sustainability Ambassador membership/subscription is totally FREE for charities & social enterprises.

For other organizations, the annual ambassadorship fees range from £9 to £999. The annual ambassadorship/membership fees depend on the size of the organization.

We too feel extremely stressful to reject the not-for-profit application, however it is painful to mention that current rejection ratio in the not-for-profit category is more than 50%.

We offer free ambassadorship & associated benefits, however we do not wish to be fast or fake when it comes to issuing a certificate to a not-for-profit.

For a new organisation, it will take more than 1 year from the date of application, as we will periodically monitor your authenticity & impact on the society & environment.

For others, the process will take between 1 month to 6 months. In some cases, it may take even longer, if we feel suspicious during the review process.

  1. FREE genuine sustainability identity through the ambassadorship certificate with an ambassadorship number and QR code, which is easily verifiable by anyone. Similar membership & certificates cost up to £999. Secondly, such membership & certificates may not be from a UK-based organization. Thirdly, such certificates are not easily & freely verifiable to the public.
  2. FREE Opportunity to get recognized through awards & accolades like badges, medals, cups, trophies, shields, crowns, etc. This costs from £9 to £99 to non-SPSC Ambassador organizations.
  3. FREE advertisement/listing of SPSC ambassadors in our directory ( for Sustainability Ambassadors. This costs from £9 to £99 to non-SPSC Ambassador organizations.
  4. FREE advertisement/listing of Sustainability Ambassador’s organizations on websites –, if the organization publicly supports sustainability. It cost from £9 to £99 to non-SPSC Ambassadors.
  5. FREE advertisement/listing of Sustainability Ambassador’s organizations on the website, if the organization publicly supports sustainability. It cost from £9 to £99 to non-SPSC Ambassadors.
  6. FREE guidance & workshop to integrate your organization with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For non-SPSC Ambassador organizations, our charge would be £4,999+ in guidance, training, and process management.
  7. FREE online sustainability workshop & webinar participation to either share knowledge or gain knowledge. This is a paid service for non-SPSC Ambassadors.
  8. FREE participation for your employees in our Monthly Sustainability Conference.
  9. FREE participation for your employees in our Monthly Sustainability Quiz.
  10. Use of the SPSC logo on your website, marketing material, advertisement, etc.
  11. Provides sustainability identity by adding the SPSC logo in marketing campaigns, email signature, packaging, etc.
  12. We can support/promote your sustainability-related products and/or services on our LinkedIn & Facebook groups of 30,000+ members.
  13. Opportunity to learn from and network with other sustainability experts & organizations.

When it comes to social sector, the Sustainability Ambassador initiatiave believes in supporting one another.

This is a genuine initiative for genuine participants, so not a money making scheme. For 2021, 2022 & 2023, there has been no subscription/membership fees for professionals, students, childern, social enterprises, charities & government organisations.

Whilst we hope to keep this free forever; however this should not be interpreted as our commitment. We hope that you understand that it is very difficult to predict and commit to future scenarios that are uncertain, complex, dynamic and volatile.

Currently, we generate revenue from donations, businesses, media & educational institutes. This helps us support FREE Sustainability Ambassadorships to social sector.

An application with the Sustainability Ambassador reference is approved after a review of 1 Sustainability Ambassador.

Other Sustainability Ambassador applications need 3 Sustainability Ambassador’s review and approval.

The Sustainability Ambassadorship does not guarantee any financial or non-financial rewards, benefits and/or compensation.

Community Sustainability Ambassadorship Application Form

Any professional Sustainability Ambassador can recommend or apply on behalf of his charity, community or social enterprise.

The access code is provided to our professional Sustainability Ambassadors after understanding the charity, community or social enterprise.

So if you are not the Sustainability Ambassador, then we suggest to please fill form of individual Sustainability Ambassador application form, so we can review it. The application link is Once you are individual Sustainability Ambassador, you can request passcode for filling the application.